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About "Cable TK" LLC

"Cable TK" LLC is the leading supplier on the Russian market of cable and wire more than 16 years. "Cable TK" LLC offers any import cables and wires from warehouse and for order. With us you will find a wide range of cables, produced by leading Turkish cables plants, such as, for example Erse Kablo, Kabtek Kablo, Surtel Kablo. Also, our company is the best partner of Lapp Group in Russia for several years.

Besides cables production, we have wide range of electro-technical production: accessories for cable installation, cable inputs, power sockets,cable chain and protective sleeving for cable.

"Cable TK" LLC is aimed at innovative, reliable, ecologically safe and economically effective providing cable and conduction products with high technological level.

Our advantages:

  • Experience since 2000
  • Quality assurance and providing certificates
  • Own logistic center, including warehouse and loading equipment
  • Fast completing of difficult and large orders
  • Optimal prices
  • Professional consultations of specialists in questions of selection, replacement and application of a cable

Available from warehouse:

  • LIHCH,
  • LIHCH FE180-PH90,
  • LiYCY,
  • YSLY,
  • NYY,
  • NHXMH,
  • H05V-K,
  • H07V-K,
  • H07RN-F,
  • SiHF,
  • J-H(ST)H…Bd,
  • J-Y(St)Y…Lg,
  • RG 6/U-6 Cu/Cu HFFR COAXIAL,
  • RG 59/U-4 Cu/CuSn HFFR COAXIAL.
Flexible control cables YSLY and YSLY CY
  • Resistance to oils and chemicals
  • Multiwire copper core
  • Copper screen in the form of a braid
  • The braid serves for electromagnetic protection
  • YSLY CY cable has transparent outer sheath
Wires with PVC isolation H05V-K, H07V-K
  • Cross section H05V-K – 0.5 up to 1.0 mm2
  • Cross section H07V-K - 1.5 up to 400 mm2
  • Does not support and does not extend burning
  • Different colours available from warehouse
  • Flexibility class – 5
  • Flexible cables with rubber (neoprene) isolation H07RN-F for industry installation
  • Power cables NHXH and N2XH halogen free and low smoke emission during burning
  • Fire resistant cables JE-H(St)H FE180/PH90, LIHCH-FE 180/PH90
  • Medium voltage cables up to 35 kV
  • Data transmission cables CAT-5E UTP, PROFIBUS, LIHH, LIHCH
  • Instrumentation cables RE-type
  • Telephone cables and fire alarm system cables J-Y(St)Y, J-H(St)H
  • Coaxial cables RG-6/U-6, RG-11/U-6, RG-59/U-4

Our company is always open for dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation!